Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Etching Press Demonstration

I sold this press to an old friend of mine, Kim Christensen, who has a photography studio in Auckland.
Photography having moved on from film to computer Kim is bored with his trade's lack of creativity and excitement and decided to try photo gravure print making.
Googling etching presses for sale he found me and came to visit and selected his press from the variety of styles I have and eventually I completed and delivered this press to his Auckland studio.
After making some progress on my current mural commission I made the time to bring to his studio some print making gear and various plates and wood cuts of mine and gave him a brief tutorial so he could get the feel, literally, of the press pressures and use and see the process of cleaning and inking plates, soaking the print making paper and inking the plate and printiing them through the press and study the wonderful and subtle variety of results in a finished print.
The process of photo gravure plate making is not my thing but Kim will sort that out, my main concern was to give him confidence in the use of the press particularly as this model press has no springs to give it any give under extreme pressure and it is possible to do it some harm so strong is it's frame and powerful it's gearing.
We had fun doing this and may just get a print making weekend tutorial happening in Kim's studio some time as he is located in the heart of the city and has a great area to work in and, of course, an etching press.

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