Thursday, 14 July 2011

Calligraphy - A Poem

I am finding that people who are not artists give me art works and frames to have or to store for them indefinitely.
The poem above is in an old leather bound sketch book of first quality and contains about a dozen poems, some illustrated, reproduced with calligraphic inks and pens by hand.

The book belonged to an aquaintance's Mother and I protested that she should not give me a treasure made by her Mother but no - She insisted.

Lucky me..

I am using the remaining pages in the book to draw animals, mostly horses, from life.
The quality and age of the sketch book and the almost faultless calligraphy of the poems in the first pages of the book encourage me to be on my very best behaviour drawing wise and I only use the book when I feel I have my eye in and am inspired by what's in front of me

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