Sunday, 7 June 2009

Community Education - Community Education Budget Cuts

Last week's life drawing class I got to do some drawing instead of teaching.
Gotta make hay while the sun shines as this is a Community Education class I run and it will likely have it's funding cut by the new right wing National Government of New Zealand which apparently doesn't value community or education.
They seem to value usury, selling public assetts, gambling public money on the stock market and finding jobs for their millionaire mates.
These people think only of money money money and don't realize that money is a completely abstract idea and that life is a spiritual journey.
They are not only blind but also assume a moral and intellectual superiority because of their skill in manipulating and amassing money. They are only workers in money management and their occupational hazard seems to be a predilection to psychopathic greed, egotistical arrogance and ignorance.....
Don't get me started...

For decades, all over New Zealand, community education classes have been running on a tiny fraction of public money and these classes provide not only continuing education in a huge range of subjects but also mental and community health and they help make people happy and friendly.
Well us happy and friendly people all pay taxes and we all vote.....

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