Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Community Education - A Community Education Class Exhibition - The Art and Music Exhibition

This exhibition was a great success. It almost broke even, the organizers, Janice Giles and myself, carried a modest loss, the musicians all got paid a share of the door to cover expenses and about a dozen works were sold.
But the real success was that a community education life drawing class comprizing about 20 people aged from 14 to 72 and a bunch of musician friends should put on a great exhibition to entertain people and celebrate local talent.
And the Saturday night was fabulous, original art, drawings paintings and sculptures, all drawn from life or imagination and original music played live. Bliss.

And this great exhibition came from one small community education class in one small town and is testament to the value of community education in New Zealand and the short sighted lunacy of the present bunch of right wing, money worshipping, shallow, arrogant, elitist, toadying bean counters in power in this country. Ah.. nothing like a wee self righteous tirade to make me feel better... roll on election day..

Eli Mulvay wows the crowd with his original music and is in his turn impressed as other musos just slip in behind him and start playing lead and slide and percussion along with him.
Awesome talent. I am not a musician but get inspiration from live music, it's the one art form that is completly in the here and now, has immediate emotional impact and flows on like life itself...

Children's art from Waihi Central Primary school. Gorgeous..
We also framed and exhibited 16 year old's art from Waihi College

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