Monday, 15 December 2008

Self Portrait Lithograph, the artist as a night-mare

The act of creation is to be completely in the Here and Now, the cutting edge of all of infinity, in the moment, the only time that exists, the present.... living the very fact of consciousness....

And achieving this blissful state, if one is no longer a child, is made easier by getting into the rght environment.
The Lithograph studio for instance, where one uses English litho crayons and inks on 30 million year old solid blocks of fossilized tiny sea shells dug up from what was a Bavarian lake bottom and printing the resulting art on French rag linen paper made on 250 year old oak paper making machinery, this run through a 19th century American Litho press.
Here and Now. The only place that truly exists.
I know, weird but true, Hell I didn't make this world, I only draw and paint it so don't ask me.

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  1. I'm this your work? Its fantastic. In honour of it I added another song to my music playlist on my blog...not the original version though...