Monday, 15 December 2008

Artist's and Writer's Xmas Party

                       Bent feather chickens and giant chess at the Nature Park

I get paid to Party!!! Yes!!! I know! Isn't it great? Living the Life of an Artist has it's moments dear reader: The poet and writer Shona Ellen and I facillitated the fun and games at the Tauranga Writers Christmas Party by supplying the materials and the encouragement and getting a mixed bunch of writers and poets and artists to buddy up in small groups and wander around a nature park and create collaborative pieces incorporating words and images on the theme of the Natural World.
Above is one of my solo efforts.
I got to watch a turtle giving birth, got hissed at by a goose, had a Tui (New Zealand native bird) tell me to "Fucking F off" and a Cockat00 say Hello! to me. Every time I walked past it..
I did not know Tuis could talk let alone swear at artists they didn't like.
I didn't know Australian cliche parrots could be so polite.
But I fell in love with the young fluffy feather chickens, they came in black or white and were wandering free with all sorts of other birds and they had a giant chess set so....

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