Friday, 11 July 2008

Marley's Mural, a Pictorial History - part 3. The continuing story of the mural decoration of Marley's Marvelous Waihi music store

I have been busy collecting and collating the various images that will make up Marley's Mural.
Here are a few. The job has been going slowly, at it's own pace and I have been designing another mural at the same time: The Waihi Rocket Park, which is a kid's playground, more on that later, it's an interesting story, to me anyway..
Previous Posts show the modifications I made to the studio to accommodate Marley's Mural and the priming of the two 7 metre canvases.
Finding all my many drawings of musicians, some photos of musicians and making new drawings of musicians and preparing all these for loading in the computers and printing then as transperancy's ready for screening up on the canvases via the old overhead projector has been an effort. Me poor wee brain has been stretched and scattered and subject to hanging up and not infrequently crashing.
Perseverance has found me still sane, luckily, and ready to boogie, design-wise. Yay!!
You can read all about it in the next thrilling installment... 

Music lessons in Marley's sound proof room at the rear of the store

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