Friday, 25 April 2008

Marley's Mural

Marley has a music shop in Waihi, recently moved to a larger premises right on Waihi's main street, amongst the best cafe's and so on. Great location.
I like Marley's music shop. It's a great place to just be in and he has such a range of anything you may want in the music line. I am learning Spanish and have bought several CD's of Latin American music from him ( I am interested in travelling to Mecico and Chile)

Marley's new shop is in an old building with a very high stud. Above all the CD and album racks hang all the instruments, guitars of all kinds and violins banjos ukeleles etc. and above that is high bare wall running down both sides of the shop to the back.

I saw, and talked Marley into agreeing to buy, two canvases seven metres by twelve hundred covered with a rythmic montage of paintings of New Zealand musicians, all the paintings taken from my sketches of Muso's playing in pubs and cafes, of which I have many. Many.

The canvases will be simply stapled to the walls up there, one each side of the shop, and perhaps the edges covered with light wooden battens, not so much to frame them but to hide the edges and staples.

Now that I have finished and delivered my doll museum commission (see earlier post) Marley's mural is the current job.

It is Saturday morning and today I start this job, beginning with this written record of proceedings.

On Thursday Sandra came by to pick me up for company on her drive to Tauranga to Tanjis art shop and I rolled out my canvas stash and saw I had seven and a half metres so we called into Harvey's furnishing at Tauranga after we had spent up large at Tanjis and I bought another seven metres of canvas, sufficient now to do Marley's mural.

My next trick is to alter the studio to accommodate a seven metre painting on the wall. That will be today's first job after a shower and brekkie etc. Yes I am sitting here unwashed at the computer having a pre breakfast breakfast of coffee and cigarettes and Amy Winehouse live in Berlin is on the stereo. I'm happy....

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