Monday, 28 April 2008

Marley's Mural, a pictorial history

The studio before

How do you paint two seven metre murals in a six metre studio? Start with buying the canvas and plonking it in there. So far so good.

The studio after

Then make a seven and a half metre drawing board that curves around the corner. This was the plan for Saturday last but didn't happen till today, Tuesday.
Tomorrow is for priming two seven metre pieces of canvas and getting on with the design work while waiting for primer to dry.
Have you heard the expression bout as much fun as watching paint dry?
Well watching and waiting for paint to dry is a reality of my life. Fabulous eh?

I just noticed that this post was headed by the date: Monday.
Well friends here in New Zealand the sun shines first and it is, for myself and my fellow kiwis, actually Tuesday. Night. 7. 20 pm.

That's an interesting thing about playing with computers: different time zones and different species of the English language and all the other languages too. Small world.

So if any of you good people living to the East or the West want a sneak preview on what, for instance, the coming Wednesday is feeling like before it arrives at your place well just gimme a tinkle about 4 hours from now and I'll duck outside and check it out for ya.
Be no sweat, always happy to help a mate out of a tight spot....


  1. Wow - a lot of work has been done I can see. Great working space you have. won't be long before your drawings are up on the canvas and you're painting. Looking forward to seeing it. I'm fumbling along at this printmaking course and not sure why I'm doing it...

  2. you are doing the printmaking so you can keep me company later on into the winter lighting up the Wellington Street printmaking studio. 'Be fun.