Monday, 17 October 2016

The Irish Famine and -Lisdoonvarna - Christy Moore, Declan Sinnott & Donal Lunny

In 1840 began the Irish Holocaust with a million dying in the ditches of starvation over the next 20 years or so and then followed the Irish diaspora with a million fleeing their home land and going every where else... 70 million Irish all over the World last I heard. 
In 1862 my Great Grandfather got the hell out of Dodge and  caught a boat to New Zealand. 
I am black Irish by blood and all the Mulvay's look it and I never give a damn about any of this until the Maori in New Zealand began rarking up in the 1970's and wanted their land back etc. and this scared me for I had no Maori blood in me and thought "where  I am gonna go, I was born here.. will I be kicked out? This is the only home I have known.." 
I had heard about the Jews and the Nazis, Martin Luther King and Apartheid in South Africa and never thought among all this knowledge of Racism in the World that maybe I had a race, a blood, a colour..
A new thought... And then I remembered what I had overheard my Parents and Aunts and Uncles said here and there..
I am Celtic, Black Irish by blood and a New Zealander, a land peopled mostly by refugees just like the USA. 
And so I have developed over the years a fondness for all things Irish like Guinness and the chaps here in singing for you..

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