Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wwoofers at the Artist's House

Quentin from France helped build the foundation  for the new shed

Rabea from Germany at the track down to Cathedral Cove, Coromandel
Rabea at Graham and Soraya's place a block away
Yohan from France at Shag's place next door to Graham and Soraya's
Verena and Max from Germany who planted my vege garden while I was busy making an etching press.
Maaike from Belgium makes breakfast.
Paul from Coburg, Germany at Graham and Soraya's place

I have also had Clara and Baptiste from France stay and Joshua and Saoirse from Galway, Ireland and Amanda and Anton from Sweden and Elizabeth and Lisbeth from Germany
Every one of them coming to New Zealand without attitudes or prejudice and genuinely interested in meeting and getting to know kiwis like myself.
Young Europe and the future of the World is coming to my place and it is wonderful..

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