Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mulvay Family Reunion 10 December 2011

To celebrate the twin's 60th birthday Roger and Graham are hosting a gathering of the clan at Roger's place in Havelock North tomorrow.
I have been poring over all the old photos of our Fathers, Mothers, Aunts and Uncles, all of them the Grandchildren of Peter Mulvay who got out of the remains of the Great Famine in County Clare and took ship to New Zealand in 1861.
These photos date from the 30's and 40's. Only my Father went to the war, 4 wasted years he called it, In Egypt and Italy.
What these men didn't know about hunting and fishing you could write on the head of a pin.
'Course if they didn't bring home a trout or a pig or a deer in the years of the Great Depression they didn't get much to eat...

The family farm, my Dad took this photo to the war.

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  1. Belated comment... but what amazing photographs!!! And how lucky are you to have them.