Saturday, 30 July 2011

Next blog

To find inspiration for myself I like to open this blog and then click on the next blog tab at the top of the page and I am sure to find five or six art blogs, random, from all over the world.
It seems Google has shuffled art blogs together over time.
After five or six or so the next blogs go real random - blogs about anything at all which is also interesting.
And oh it is a bitter sweet pleasure because I am finding no time to do any new drawing myself.
Perhaps later this week.. or next week...
Nice to be busy though.
The pastel drawing above is an old one of mine of someone else drawing which is where I am at lately - looking at some one else's drawings.
It crushes my ego to realise I have become a wannabe, a dilletante, a bloody procrastinator!
Still, could be worse. It's a sunny day today and Spring is coming.
Like Christmas.
Like my latest drawing..

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  1. Like the Word Dilletante John. Good Word. Clever