Sunday, 28 February 2010

Musician Drawings

Pictured: Graham in knock down drag out Rock mode playing his girlfriends bass guitar.

Graham makes good money playing Classical/Baroque/Spanish/Gypsy- Jazz guitar in expensive restaurants and at non-paying gigs he likes to turn it up and rock-out to the max...

So I got this friend who is a massage therapist and I was telling her about Graham's virtuoso guitar and she said she would love some of that music for her clients to drift on while she works her magic and makes them all better..
I asked Graham for a CD of his classical guitar blends and he doesn't have one.
What to do?
MAKE ONE! At the restaurant where Graham's playing next Sunday.
A worthy challenge indeed, how hard can it be?
Stay tuned listeners...

Friday, 19 February 2010

Ballpoint Pen Drawing

I went to visit my friend Graham and his seven year old daughter Soraya this evening and found myself having a cup of tea opposite Soraya's friend Haley and found a ballpoint pen and called for paper... here is the result.
Haley said "no offense but it looks a bit weird" after I gave it to her and I told her to give it to her Mother, that her Mum might like it.
I rolled it up and Soraya found a rubber band to hold it rolled up after Graham had scanned it and emailed it to me so you could see it too.
Ballpoint pen is very unforgiving, like watercolour there is no erasing or going back but I had fun anyway.
By the time I got around to drawing the food on the plate the bacon and egg was gone, Soraya wanted me to draw the tomatoe sauce but I told her it was too hard to draw tomatoe sauce and there were only a few chips left to draw so Graham drew a fish on a scrap of paper and Soraya drew an egg on a scrap of paper and I stuck them on with a lick, like stamps, so I guess it's a collage.
Was most fun I've had for a while and I wonder why I don't draw more than I do..

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Life Drawing Class starts again 17 Feb 2010

I forgot my camera at the first life drawing class of the year last week. At the second class, last night, I did this drawing of our model's husband, Steve.
Steve dropped our model, Georgia, off at the class and he and their two daughters Amelie and Cassidy stayed for an hour and offered a wide variety of fast warm up poses and longer portrait studies by just being themselves and we all enjoyed the warmth of family and gentle music.
I gave this large drawing to Steve when he and the girls went home