Thursday, 2 December 2010

The poverty of Artists

Yes, it's true, that old stereotype of the artist being poor. As you can see from the above photo the best we can do is a 30 year old Rolls Royce, could never afford a new one.
New Rollers are Deutcher cars now anyway I believe, owned by BMW.
The above Roller was proudly made in England.
My real car is a 25 year old Toyota Corolla, made in Japan, assembled in Thames, New Zealand which is just up the road a country mile or so from where I live.
Ah, the global village. Damn interesting place I find.
Actually the Rolls Royce is owned by a musician friend of mine, Julie, who lives in the next street and also has a Beckstein grand piano in her lounge and a BMW convertable to keep the Rolls company.
All I care about is her violin playing in company with other musician friends, Summer nights and a wee drappy of Celtic lubricant.

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