Sunday, 15 August 2010

Art School building: things my Mother never told me....

The first thing my Mother never told me about building an Art School is you need a separate building to build the Art School bits and pieces in -
Otherwise you will end up with your lovely print and paint and design studio becoming a carpenters workshop..

and the artist's lounge, life drawing room and bed-sitting room will become a dumping ground for furniture and paintings and frames and glass and stuff...

and the guest room will become a workshop crammed with a whole hardware store..

and the carport becomes an etching press manufactury and the Toyota (poor wee thingy) sleeps out in the cold and wet.
Work proceeds on the school and the funding and the new website and the planning of courses and accommodation for the coming Summer but all I really wanna do is build me a big shed and go hide in it.
A man-cave just for me where I can lurk, sulk, scratch me itches, pick me scabs and go feral to my hearts content.
Don't tell my Mother I said that..

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