Saturday, 5 June 2010

Etching Presses and Vintage Cars

Etching Press Sale Enquiries:

The small etching press sold last week and now I have to quickly prepare another one for use in my Thursday print making class at Waihi College.

I used to have a passion for 1930's American cars and when my fully restored '36 Ford V8 pickup was wrecked in a hideous, fatal, multi car pile up one dark night my life changed.

After licking my wounds I sold the wreck of the old V8 for three and a half grand and used the money to go to Art School.
Been driving small Toyota wagons ever since.
Still love cleaning up and restoring old heavy metal technology though and combined with my love of print making I have a cottage industry supplying etching presses to other artists, presses made from Great Grandma's old laundry mangle.
Print makers are interesting people and it's a nice world within the world to be in.

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