Monday, 12 April 2010

Art School Waihi

Last Saturday the World's Smallest Art School was officially created. The launch of the Art School was a splendid formal occassion attended by such dignitaries and jet-setting glitterattis as Keri Ann and John.
Lucinda Williams entertained the guests live on the stereo and a sumptuous repast of home made plum wine was served.
The New Zealand Art School is unique in that it provides international no star Class Backpacker Accommodation for visiting artists and has solid financial backers including Waimata Kiwifruit Packhouse where John works part-time for minimum wage.
Built upon a firm foundation of vast imagination and endless hope the school is truly infinite in potential.
You, one or two of your friends and some other people are welcome to visit, attend classes and bring something nice for morning tea like chocolate eclairs anytime.
All are welcome. And if you are a musician you get free entry to the beer fridge and plum wine stash.
We'll let you know when you've had enough.
Fuckin amazing or what?!!
And this is only the beginning, I'm like, Wow man! Let's go!

At the New Zealand Art School we support and provide succour and much needed vital assistance to repressed minorities like children.
And their labour is so cheap!

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