Friday, 30 April 2010

Girl Friday, Winona and me

Magorly stressed out from the huge leap forward in dreams and visions of the future, the shock of the new changes and all the resulting mess and chaos around the home front and the almost total lack of funds I decide to chill out before I have some kind of physical breakdown.
The mental breakdown is a given, it's a 24/7 anxiety attack with occassional glimpses of sanity seen in the eyes of friends who bring me food parcels and puppy love...
So I decide fulfilling promises would be good for my soul and I ignore the pressing imperatives all around and finish the portrait of Winona that Winona's dad half paid for weeks ago and I wait for Girl Friday to come around before framing it so G F can have a lesson in framing materials and methods.
Girl Friday brings a camera and hey! there's me! ( I'm the one in the blue shirt, Winona's wearing a faded red T, Girl Friday is the one whose eyes you are looking through).
Tomorrow is Saturday and we have a party to go to, live music and all - fabulous!

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