Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Double booked models at life drawing

Hannah drawn by John

Last night at life drawing class we had two models because I booked Georgia and forgot I had already booked Hannah, our new portrait model.

They both worked and both got paid and I did three portraits of Hannah with pastels on canvas while most of the rest of the class drew Georgia who arrived wearing a red dress, black stockings and heels, truly fabulous, and she posed dressed for the first hour and naked with a kimono loosely fitting for the second hour.
Graham saw what I saw in Hannah, the elfin engenue look, and he is bringing oils next week to do portraits of Hannah. Graham does exquisite moody little oil paintings and is quite a star in his own way.
I told Hannah we would make her famous. She has already been approached by a fashion magazine photographer who wanted to photograph her eyes to photoshop onto some other models face. Hannah told him to fuck off but she understood why I wanted her for a model and said yes to my request.
It's part of my job as teacher to find for the artists and students interesting models.

Georgia drawn by Sandra

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