Monday, 15 March 2010

Etching Presses For Sale

Etching Press Sale Enquiries:

I had a crap couple of weeks dear reader; I had a piece of steel removed from my eye that got in there I guess from all the grinding and sanding of ancient lead paint and steel and cast iron that these antique mangles are made of.
Then the eye continued to play up like nothing had changed, then my old darling cat, my most loyal buddy for 16 and a half years died and then my best girl, one I wanted to give all my love to, dumped me and I felt like I was living in a tragi-comedy soap opera.
Then today I cruised on down to Porters Engineering and they had all six of the rollers for my three new etching presses machined down to shiny silver steel straight and true perfection.
Imagine my joy....
And I loosely assembled the three presses and photographed them.
They have only the final paint and press bed and press bed frames and felts to be made/added and they are ready to go! Yay!
Onward and upward, dodgy eye and dead favourite cat and brutally broken heart regardless eh?
Yeah, well, Porters Engineering are good but not that good dear reader.
I had to go down to the doctor, yes indeed I did, and that started with a trip up town to the hole in the wall to get out a hundred dollars and a wee visit to the local for 2 rums and one guinness and a Sandra Bullock comedy from the video store( I was hurting, you understand, there was pain, anguish and what-not) and then on to a mates place for medicine and some fine whiskey and then next door to another mates place to drink good home brewed beer and discuss life, death, the universe and love and sex and creativity and the possibility of creating a country music hit record of my tragic day/life...
We talked some crap and then, like a good boy, I went straight home to post the photos and this wee story.
Aint life grand?

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