Tuesday, 9 March 2010


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This lithograph is a self portrait from some years ago

And this is a photo of some of my friends having fun, a recent photograph.
Like the people in the photo I have chosen to not have fear in my life and with this in mind and my love of printmaking I am teaching a printmaking course at our local high school with the theory in mind of 'we teach what we most want to learn'.
Not being an experienced printmaking tutor and being paid to give total beginners a good time and a good result at the course has forced me to be at my best and, like most teachers, to put in a whole lot more hours at the job than I am being paid for.
So it is that I am learning the most and working the hardest and the responsibility for others is what is driving me to get right into the subject.
There are those that do and there are those that teach..
Bummer. It's true, it's true, good art comes but rarely from my hand these days and I have to pay the bills.
I am also making etching presses to sell to printmakers which also pays the bills so my life for this year is not so much about making art as about making art making machines and fostering the abilities of budding artists.
Not much chance of my ego being blown out of proportion like that and maybe that's a good thing.

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