Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Press Raw Material

Etching Press Sale Enquiries:

This is the etching press that is pre-sold to Esther, a Whangerei artist. It is stripped down and all component parts painted

The tubular steel framed press is my print studio's new pride and joy and is, like Esther's press, stripped down and all component parts painted

For Esther's new etching press I had two new cogs designed and cut to allow her to print from plates or woodcuts from 1mm to 20mm thickness while staying in constant mesh.
I have learnt much about engineering and have had four different engineering firms employed on helping out with different component constructions and adaptations. All very expensive and time consuming but I now know all the best ways to convert the various types of antique mangles into extremely robust and beautiful etching presses.
Saw a recent release film called Goya's Ghost's and it shows a five minute scene of Goya at work in his print studio circa 1805; etching, preparing, inking, printing and all. Marvelous and inspiring bit of film making.
Goya, Hokusai, Rembrandt, Durer, Kathe Kollwitz and so many others from the past and present are heroes of mine so it pleases me to work on 100 - 150 year old presses.
It don't matter how old something is, if it's good it's good..


  1. Hi John,

    How much for a press? Am bloody keen - printmaking my thing (fuck painting haha!).

  2. Hello Anonymous

    $3,500 will buy you a beautiful etching press.
    Look up this site in a week and you will see one finished for delivery to Esther in Whangerei