Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Early Days

Etching Press Sale Enquiries: johnnymulvay@vodafone.co.nz

Engineering completed, the new press awaits weld cleanup and paint and construction of the wooden press bed runners and the bed and shelving

The new press will end up looking something like this one which was made from the mangle used by my Grandmother on the Mulvay family farm.

The new steam punk etching press! Won't be selling this beauty, it's a keeper..


  1. what's your asking price for the press? do you still have it?

  2. Hi. I am wanting $3,000 for the press, all complete with felts but it is not finished yet, will be a couple of weeks as I am busy with all sorts of stuff at the mo.
    Freight could be an issue as it is very heavy, where are you at?

  3. Hi haavard

    have sold the one you see here and am making 3 more, one for me and one for you..
    contact me at johnnymulvay@vodafone.co.nz or keep an eye on this blog for updates

  4. John, new press is a beauty! Thanks for sharing. Just came across an old mangle myself, though it doesn't have quite as much character and antiqui-ness as yours. Any tips for one starting the journey?

  5. Tip: the diameter of the rollers could be made smaller to compensate for the thickness of the press bed and felts. This will give the full travel of the constant mesh variable cogs and allow you to print from thicker plates or wood blocks

  6. John
    I am so impressed with these mangle presses. I am a printmaker living in Florida USA. I have a Facebook printmakers group: BUILDING AND RESTORING
    ARTISTS PRINTMAKING PRESSES http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120731237937544&ref=ts
    I want to add your site as a link. I would also like to invite you to join us.
    Hope you will.
    Larry Vienneau

  7. Thanks Larry. Had a look at your site. Good skills you.. Thanks for the link. Will keep in touch