Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Weekly Portrait: Andy a.k.a. Malibu Man a.k.a. the Karangahake Surfer

Andy's portrait composition worked out from life in chalk pastel, to be finished off later with paints and pastels in the studio from photos I took during the sitting? standing, whatever.

Andy's looking for a 9 foot board and until he gets one we had to mock one up for the purposes of the portrait. I reckon I can use artistic license to paint a 9 foot board in the picture.
Andy's recently come back from a four year stay in the U.S. Most of this time he spent in Malibu as a surf/beach bum, bar fly and handyman. Andy's got a degree in Physics and we enjoy drinking and talking about the Universe. Having interesting friends is a must for an Artist, this one anyway..
My son and grandson are back to stay for a while and my son Sam likes mowing lawns so the place is looking great! I've always got more important things to do than lawn mowing it seems.
Check out the great weather, it is the height of Summer here in New Zealand and it looks like being another hot one. Yay!

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