Saturday, 25 October 2008

Marley's Mural, the continuing story Part 8: one half of the mural is readied for exhibiting at the Waikino Spring Art Exhibition

Live music with Marley's mural as a backdrop
Installed in the Waikino hall just a few hours before the opening night

Nearly ready to go to the exhibition, the second mural panel is on the table awaiting it's turn...

Janice helps me finish the painting, we worked day and night for a couple of days to prepare the mural for exhibiting at a local Art Exhibition prior to the mural being installed in Marley's marvelous main street music shop...

Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Weekly Portrait: Katika

This portrait was painted a few years ago and I have put it here because I have been too busy meeting deadlines to make a new one for you and the last time I drew a new portrait was last Friday. I got quite merry on the demon drink and did three excellent fresh and lively pen portraits of three friends of mine and gave them away on the spot so there you are...

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Rocket Park Mural comes home to Daddy

My community service is finito, yay! All my hours done and now I finish this job as a volunteer. So home from the local Marae comes the Rocket Park mural. And the two steel panels are set up in my bedroom as the studio is chocker with Marley's Mural in progress and both have a deadline of Oct 25 just 2 weeks away. I've also got a painting half done I am wanting to exhibit at the Waikino Spring Art exhibition, same time, same deadline. Challenging times and I have to tune out most of the people (with a few exceptions) and events around me in order to finish 4 seperate mural panels and one painting in 2 weeks. So the current stock market crisis can go to hell without me. I've got painting to do, lots of it..

Marley's Mural, the continuing story Part 7: a deadline looms!

Both mural panels are clipped up on the wall and Marley has agreed to let me exhibit the finished job at the Waikino Spring Art exhibition at Labour weekend (Oct 25) before installing them in his music store. What you see here is the front half of one and the back half of the other as they are both 7 metres long and the painting wall is about 9 metres
Exciting times 'cause I've a deadline on it now!