Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Rocket Park Mural comes home to Daddy

My community service is finito, yay! All my hours done and now I finish this job as a volunteer. So home from the local Marae comes the Rocket Park mural. And the two steel panels are set up in my bedroom as the studio is chocker with Marley's Mural in progress and both have a deadline of Oct 25 just 2 weeks away. I've also got a painting half done I am wanting to exhibit at the Waikino Spring Art exhibition, same time, same deadline. Challenging times and I have to tune out most of the people (with a few exceptions) and events around me in order to finish 4 seperate mural panels and one painting in 2 weeks. So the current stock market crisis can go to hell without me. I've got painting to do, lots of it..

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