Sunday, 2 November 2008

Waihi Rocket Park Mural is installed 3 Nov. 08

While John from the Hauraki District Council and I were up there on the cherry picker installing the 2 mural panels we cleaned off some crude tagging that some enterprising youngsters had sprayed on the rocket (yawn... ) I'd love to get hold of some of these creative infants and show them a few design skills so they could lift their game, and mana, and express themselves in a cooler and more inclusive way. ...dreams are free and as lovely as you want to make them...


  1. John...I'm so absolutely impressed! Missed your text...was working & other stuff happening...will catch up with you tomorrow hopefully. Mural looks fantastic and the photos with the cherrypicker are great - we get an idea of the size of the project. And there are even people in the background in the park. I love this project.

  2. There is a lot of Beauty and Feeling in your Work. The pieces take you into another World.