Friday, 9 May 2008

Sculpture Installation; Decorating Auckland

This sculpture was carved in one piece out of a solid block of polystyrene. The head of the guy ended at a slightly wrong angle and I had to cut the head off and glue it back on with a wedge in the neck to get it just so. A few other minor defects were smoothed over with plaster and the finished piece painted with acrylic paints.
I was attending Hungry Creek Art School at the time and the guy running the school had a son in the billboard business in Auckland and a sculpture of a couple kissing on a chaise longue was required by a client, a new radio station; More FM (-more fun in the middle of the road). The art school's boss and I went 50/50 on this job, he had the contacts and readies and I had the artist's skills.
We met the son and his girlfriend at a photographers studio in Ponsonby, Auckland, where a chaise longue was and I took my camera and a ladder and photographed the lovers from every possible angle.
We then bought a huge block of polystyrene, a sheet of ply for a base, some folded sheet metal for a plinth and some steel rods to hold these three pieces together and I got to work on the carving in the art school's life drawing room. After sufficient disruption of the school's normal activities all was shifted to my big workshop at Warkworth where I made like Michaelangelo and polystyrene flew everywhere.
My partner in crime created the plinth and turned legs of the chaise longue and insisted on carving the feet of the couple, to keep his hand in, and the whole job was done in 15 days, from receiving the brief to being mounted on the billboard above a busy, major, central Auckland intersection.
The brief was for a sculpture to last 3 months out in the weather but it stayed there a year distracting motorists and pedestrians alike and causing many near misses at the busy traffic lights.
On the night before delivery of the finished sculpture it was installed in my lounge and we had the fire blazing, every heater in the house in the lounge on full and a hairdryer and heatgun blazing away, dog tired and sweating in the heat at 3 in the morning trying to dry plaster and paint. The last of the paint dried on the drive to Auckland as we raced to be on time to meet the scaffolders who helped with the installation.

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