Tuesday, 8 April 2008

R18 Art exhibition

The cradling of femininity

Who could resist an exhibition with that title? Not this kid thats for sure.

I got word of this from my artist pal Berys (great name eh? Welsh, boyo..) by email a few weeks ago. Berys is a mover and a shaker and got her clever fingers in many pies to do with the Waihi art scene and further afield and I guess she made the connection between Life drawing (naked people) and R18 themes and thought I might like to know about this up coming event.
Fair enough I guess, I'm just happy to have people think of me now and again.

So the R18 art exhibition is put on by the Empire art gallery in Cambridge, out in the Waikato, not far from the river city of Hamilton where I was recently going every Thursday with my friend Barbie to an etching class.
Not a big deal to swing by Cambridge on the way home from etching one Thursday and check it out.
No sooner said than done!
I decided that I would exhibit 3 paintings in this exhibition, at $10 entry fee apiece and 30% commission on sales. Fine with me.

The only problem was to find some works that fit the label, i.e. adult content.
I did the best I could but all the time thinking exposure, and maybe the R18 label would attract well heeled art lovers to the exhibition who might not otherwise attend.

Junkie logic I know but what the hell eh?

The image above is one exhibited at this exhibition, which opens next Saturday and runs for 2 weeks. No explanation needed there I reckon.
The other two paintings exhibited are on this blog, one is a blue portrait of a woman titled Sarah's Quilt that accompanies an earlier article and the other is a painting of two women posing on a settee titled two models that graces the bottom of this page.

I hope they find loving homes these three babies of mine and I could do with some money as the auld overdraft is reaching epic proportions.
Nobody's got enough money right? and I will never bore you with my financial situation, I don't really care about money but it's there in all our lives like housework and the weather...
Not going to the opening, too far away and there is always alcohol involved in these openings.

I will keep you posted as to how this exhibition goes.

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