Friday, 11 April 2008

Email to Sandra

Hey Sandra

I just looked at your visitor map. You are truly global, including Mexico and
South America and your stats are approaching 3000.

I hope we can still be friends now you've hit the big time.

Next time you are in New York attending an opening with your agent and minders I
wonder could you find the time to look at Nippon curios on 47th street?

It's the only place in the world you can buy a genuine 1960's New Zealand green
plastic tiki.
I would so like to have one if they are no more than $US400- each.

I hope that won't be too much trouble for you, I'd really appreciate it.

Last time I was at the dentists I got the chance to check out the National
Geographic photo article on you and your work again. God those photos are just
amazing aren't they? Yeah yeah I know you've probably heard that so many times
before from the hundreds of sycophants that seem to swarm around you and take
up all your time but you know dear the article on you in Women's Day that
mentioned your fan club didn't credit Barbara and myself for our part in
launching the fan club.

Well of course you had to help Barbie and me organize the spreadsheets and
database for the club back in the early days but the article didn't credit
Barbie and me with all our hard work and support on your behalf and Barbie is
so sensitive and I thought you would at know the last time I saw Barbie
putting on that brave face it just broke my heart and I had to hide my tears....

O! Who can stay mad with you Sandra? I still remember the time you brought
Prince Charles and Yve St Laurent to visit your quaint old artist pal in little
old Waihi...a tad patronizing really but when Yve St Laurnents boyfriend
actually spat in my goldfish pond and Prince Charles hugged my Kauri tree -
well I'll never forget how proud I felt, this was truly the proudest moment of
my life and I owe this to you!
Just my luck the MI6 guys wouldn't let me take any photographs but once a nobody
always a nobody eh?

I guess it is just my destiny to walk with difficulty through the mud of my own
making but my way lit by the bright stellar radiance of your glory.

I am content

God Bless


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