Saturday, 1 March 2008

On writing a blog.

Why create a blog? Right now it's Sunday, it's raining and I have had a very busy week and have organized for myself a day off to do housework. This blog comes under housework. How dull is that?
And what a lot of work this blog is. It's all about an artist and there isn't much in the way of art displayed on it yet. I will have to scan photos into my other computer, the offline computer I use for design and editing etc. and jealously guard from any possibility of viruses and spam, and burn the photos onto a disc and put the disc into the online computer I am writing this on and then ring my artist friend Sandra again and have her come round to my house again and help me load, then find, then set the photos of my art on this blog.

I find computers very frustrating but no doubt I will eventually become a dab hand at this blog business.
So why create a blog? Three reasons I can think of and one is that I like to write. There is such a nice flow to writing and I can get lost in it and isn't that the definition of human happiness? To be so lost in what one is doing that the questions "am I happy? would my time be better spent doing something else?" just do not arise.
The other two reasons are that this blog may lead to meeting people who would want to buy art or meeting a nice woman. I like women, 'specially nice ones.

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  1. I'm addicted to blogging and have you as a link John. Hope that is OK.

    Nightie Night