Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Winter in Europe

Winter in Europe means Summer in Nueva Zelanda and here is Marga from Spain at my friend Shag's place feeding a lamb and a Muskovy duck while Fly the dog looks on. With all the overseas visitors at my place I gotta take them around the place and my friends have all become tourist attractions..
They have the good grace not to complain about this....

Verena from Bavaria and Carlos from Spain. Verena is here practicing her busking skills. A week before this photo was taken Verena stood outside the Countdown supermarket in Waihi playing her three quarter guitar and belting out songs in her husky voice and made $50. in an hour. You go girl.
I am, of course, invited to Bavaria which I am really looking forward to and all I need is You, dear reader, to commission a lucrative mural to cover my expenses. 
Could be nice....

Freddie Mercury's Tambourine

Carlos from Spain has been staying at Art School Waihi helping out around the place and I took him to my friends Graham and Bernie's place for some of Graham's excellent eight and a half per cent proof dark beer and Music! Music! Music! Bernie made us some delicious food and I supplied the Irish Whiskey.
Graham attended a Queen concert in England many years ago and Freddie Mercury flung his tambourine into the audience and Graham had only to beat the crap out of his best friend there with him in order to take possession of it. Lucky Carlos, he is an avid Queen fan so got to do percussion with the late great Freddie's throwaway tambourine. And I had a King size hangover the next day... C'est la vie..

Friday, 9 January 2015

Art Studio Camping

Max and Verena from Germany came back to stay at Johnny's at the same time as Lena and Willy, also from Germany decided to stay an extra day, the day on which Carlos from Spain was booked in and duly arrived. 
Five guests at Art School Waihi so Lena and Willy had a bed made up in the lounge and Verena and Max had a bed made up in the studio. Well. A hot summer and all the soffits of the studio removed for cool ventialtion which was a problem for Verena and Max because of Mosquitos at night so enterprising people that they are they decided to put up their mozzie proof tent in the studio. Problem solved