Saturday, 15 November 2014

Pounamu, New Zealand Jade

 Friday evening Vaughn, one of my artist mates, called around to pick up his carving which I had been keeping for him. We had beer and cigarettes and shared stories about our lives as artists.
Only another serious artist can know what it feels like to be one, the joys and frustrations of the vocation.
The piece you see on my kitchen table is two and a half months work. It is a representation of a Maori mythological figure. Vaughn is a master of this sort of work.
Mondays at Art School Waihi is free for all artists and Vaughn will find the time to come on the odd Monday and use his sculpting skills in wood cuts, I am going to introduce him to the world of Japanese Prints which I am sure he will enjoy and perhaps I shall have opportunities to do his portrait.
I love portraits..

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Blue Moon

My friend Barbi brought around a painting she had just done and wanted some feedback on it. We had a few drinks and a catch up and I told her I thought the painting could do with a secondary colour, perhaps a green, to dance with the yellow and violet in the painting and that maybe the moon could be seen through a window.
Barbi didn't like the window idea but took on board the extra colour idea.